Preflight are a Melbourne based web design team specialising in Joomla website development.

We like to use Joomla because it is a cost effective, stable, up to date system, supported by a large community of designers & developers. It also happens to be one of the world's most popular Open Source Content Management Systems (CMS) with millions websites developed in it.

By choosing to build a site in Joomla you avoid getting stuck relying on the knowledge of a handful of people in a single design team or propriety systems that may be prone to bugs / security problems or only understandable to the original developer.

Many years ago we and most other developers had their own in-house developed systems. Then we and many other developers realised the huge advantages of standardising on Open Source systems. These types of systems have become pretty much the backbone of the Internet and web development.

Joomla's other key advantage is it has a broad range of modular templates, extensions and plugins that help us grow and update your site efficiently as new needs arise.

Most of these extensions are available on open-source licenses that allow you to deploy advanced functionality inexpensively reducing the need for custom application development to a minimum. In short, Joomla can give you a feature rich website at a low cost that might otherwise cost five to ten times to develop.

When we build a site for you we will also include hosting, training and provide support for your staff so that together we can ensure your site will be maintained and updated over time.

We are confident in our work, products and services, so any further work that is done is completed on an "as required and requested" basis and we do not use any lock-in contracts or set minimum monthly fees. We want to establish a good long term relationship with our clients and most of our clients have been with us for at least 5 years.

If you ever do choose to change designers / developers in the future, you can rest assured knowing that your site is built on an open source technology standard that any designer with Joomla experience can work with. You are also giving yourself the broadest possible choice of extensions and add-ons available.

  • We can use Joomla to develop your website or migrate an existing site to Joomla.
  • We can create a custom Joomla template or theme that ensures your site looks and feels consistent with your other branding.
  • We can use popular Joomla extensions to add functionality such as databases, forms, shopping carts, online payments, members areas or directories, events and bookings.
  • We can drive people to your site or help you communicate with an audience using email newsletter systems and Search Engine Optimisation.

Give us a call on 03 9017 3737 to discuss your website development in Joomla or visit for more information about Joomla CMS.

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