Other Services Offered:

We are a bit “old school” when it comes to SEO and Web Marketing in general. I guess that happens when you have been in the business 25 years.

We have seen different terms and tactics come and go - trying to get attention online.

We can help you do this.

The 3 common steps of web marketing success:

  1. When people search for your product or service they find you.
  2. When people visit your site they can quickly find relevant information.
  3. Give people a good, quick way to act or contact you.

It is that simple.

There are many things we can do to improve traffic, visibility and sales / business outcomes to make a website succeed.

Some these things are pretty simple and common, others are involved and complex.

Usually we prefer to do the simple and common ones first.

But different businesses want and need different things depending on where they are at in using of the internet best for their business.

Feel free to look through the types of services and packages we offer and give us a call on 0418 559948 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to discuss any of these packages further.

User Experience / Lead Generation / Process Mapping & Refinement

Some clients want to really work on making their site the best user experience for their visitors, refining it over time, making a well-honed lead generation device. They work with us to improve how people are using their site to make sure they are maximizing their chance to get leads from their site.

These people work with us regularly to refine things like:

On site process handling & placement
The structure of their call to action mechanisms on the site, their function and placement.

Trigger placement and lead path auditing
Creating triggers in the site to identify in more detail what users are doing as they go through the buying process from the search engines to the site and through to placing an order or a request.

Behaviour testing and improvement strategies
Creating different paths on the site to test which process is more successful and refine.

SEO / Web Marketing Strategy & Management

Google Analytics Installation & Configuration
Install Google Analytics on your site and configure it, ready to give access to key people and report.

Google Analytics is used to provide detailed statistics of traffic and user movements and the site will be created in a way as to ensure materials are presented in ways that use common Search Engine Optimisation techniques to assist in having the material visible in Google and rank for associated keywords.

Initial Target Markets / Keyword development
We work through with the client a base list of keywords and phrases that are niche to the client’s industry or target audience.

Initially identify basic words and then broaden the options to less obvious options or more specific versions the client can be more successful in for these words using Google’ tools.

This includes Geographic markers where appropriate.

Then we refine down the broader list to a shorter one we can concentrate on and potentially have the most success in targeting.   

Google Analytics Audit Report & Improvements List
If the site is already established, review current analytics, identify successful patterns and others that need work.

List ways that the site / analytics can be improved in a cost effective manner.

Depending on how much the client wants to concentrate on SEO, this process might be reviewed quarterly, half yearly or annually.
On Site SEO / SEF

The following products and services are commonly done as part of the process of web development.

SEO Copywriting / Content development Workshop
We spend a couple of hours with the client working through their base text content and matching them to their target market / keywords / phrases to create text that is going to be pleasant and informative to potential visitors to the site but also effective for the pages to be picked up by search engines.

SEO / SEF – Population of Keywords throughout site
Once the keywords are identified we ensure these keywords are populated throughout your site in both a human and technically friendly way.

SEO functions on our sites facilitate the optimization of the Titles, URLs, Headings, Links, text and metadata for Google. The sitemaps and robot.txt files are completed separately. 301 redirections from any previous page urls will be put in place so as to preserve existing traffic.

Landing Page Creation / On-site Campaign pages
Key products and services might be singled out to have specific landing pages created to best capture the needs of a particular market or potential visitor to the site.

Creating landing pages combine all these things concentrating on:

  • Defined target market keywords
  • Copywriting
  • Lead Generation form handling for contacts
  • Tracking triggers to see what is going on in Google Analytics

SEO / SEF technical checklist / site audit

Whether your site is brand new or been around for a while, what works technically in improving your sites search engine rankings can change as Google and the other search engines literally change the rules of what will work in their algorithms.

So there is an audit we can perform on a site to make sure things are technically set up in the best way possible to keep them happy.

Things included in the audit are:

  • Google Analytics
  • Webmaster Tools
  • Traffic Analysis
  • Keywords / Target Market matches
  • Keyword Tool Matches
  • Top Page results
  • 302 vs 301 Redirects
  • Primary keyword inclusion
  • Headings
  • Links
  • Canonicalisation
  • Sitemap
  • Robot.txt
  • Bing Webmaster Tools
  • Broken Links
  • Page Speed
  • Browser compatibility
  • Duplicate Content
  • Images
  • Lead Generation placement / contacts and forms
  • Local search tools
  • External Links
  • Newsletters / Correspondence strategies and practicalities
  • Use of Web Advertising
  • Use of Social Networking

Google Local Search Improvements

Google Places / Maps
Preflight will work together with the client to ensure their business page in Google Places / Maps is up to scratch to help the organic listings.
Preflight will also provide information about how to improve your Google local presence over time by including additional information like reviews, business details etc.

Email Newsletters

We still think that in most cases Email Newsletters are pretty hard to beat as an internet marketing strategy. They have to be handled right.

We have very solid ways to help you generate good lists of qualified interested people to target your information to and find the right ways to use those lists to keep that audience with well presented email newsletters that they will respond to.  

Social Media Networking

Social network package (Facebook, Linkedin, etc)

Create a page for your organization on Facebook, Linkedin, etc incorporate them into your website and then assist you in managing, building and maintaining that presence on and ongoing basis.

Please remember that maintaining social networking presences will also take some time as well as money from the client to work successfully.   

Twitter Presence
Setup a Twitter page for your organization and assist you in how to make the most of it.

Maintaining a Twitter presence is a significant commitment of time for the client to work successfully.   

Advertising Products

Pay Per Click campaigns
Paid advertising in Google or other search engines to display when key words are searched for or criteria are met.

These ads are the ones you see on the top and bottom of Google or other search engine results. Google is the main supplier but sometimes advertising with Bing can give good results and is also worth considering.

The quarterly fee goes to establish a set of 10 adverts and to track and improve the performance of those adverts over time.

Spending money on Google Adwords seems to improve the rankings of your organic listings but this is not ever specifically stated by Google. 

Web Display Advertising
Web display advertising are banner ads or graphical ads on popular websites or sites that sell space on their site for matching keywords via Google and others.

Remarketing / Google Ad network Campaigns
Remarketing is a special type of web display advertising that show ads on websites after someone has previously have visited your site.

Domain and Hosting Services

We offer domains and hosting services to our clients as part of larger projects but do not sell domains or hosting as one off items.
Domains are managed via the registrar TPP Wholesale.
Preflight’s Dedicated / Virtual Private Servers are housed in Equinix DC3 Datacentre in Sydney.
The hosting spaces are fully managed and maintained by Servers Australia.

Google Workspace Authorised Reseller

Preflight is a Google Workspace Authorised Reseller and can offer Google Workspace services as part of larger projects.